JRPW is proud to announce the newest addition to our extensive list of professional services, Custom Powdercoating. Give those custom parts and pieces of yours a custom, durable, long lasting finish that will last for years to come.

Powdercoat is an electrostatically applied coating that is sprayed on as a powder. The finish is then baked on to permanently bond the part and the powder. The result is a finish much more resistant to abrasion and corrosion than conventional paints that will last for years to come. Powdercoating also allows a thicker application without running or sagging.

Automotive and motorcycle enthusiasts have used powdercoated parts for years to create custom appearances and for restoration work. Virtually any restoration project can benefit from the use of powdercoating.

Whether you have a set of pulleys for your hot rod, a set of wheels for your motorcycle, or a frame for your racing kart, bring it to us at JRPW. We can apply the custom finish you are looking for in an endless variety of colors.

Contact us for your quote today. We also provide stripping and blasting services on smaller items at a nominal charge.

Be sure to check out our gallery, we are constantly adding pictures of the parts and pieces we turn out. This will show you the quality of the workmanship we can provide for you.
Parts desired to be powdercoated need to be completely disassembled and free of all nuts, bolts, seals, and hardware. Delicate parts can be ruined by oven temperatures. If unsure about a paticular item, give us a call, we are happy to help.

We ask that you clean and degrease all parts before bringing in or shipment. Cleaning services can be provided, however they are an additional cost. All parts are final cleaned, and lightly etched by media blast or chemical application prior to coating. Masking is provided where required.

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