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Regardless of whether you race karts in your neighbor's pasture or the national scene, JRPW can help you get the most out of your race program. Through our extensive experience and knowledge, we've been helping racers achieve their goals for over sixteen years. Jimmy Rivers has garnered many championships over the years from the local level all the way to WKA National Championships.

We supply and stock only the best karts, parts, and accessories. We also host an in-house program called Speed Shop Scholar. The program is also published each month in America's favorite karting magazine, Chase'n Race'n Illustrated.

Cruise the site and check out what we have to offer. If you're local to the Augusta, GA area, stop by the shop, or even join us for the Speed Shop Scholar program.

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• Signature Series Pro Clone Engine Package $1,150
• Free Commercial Shipping on Recon Chassis C/E & Elite
• Free Powder Coat with any new JRPW Engine Package